BigSaleTech's professional car inspection and special car inspection can quickly understand the hidden faults of the car, so that the car is safe to drive, special car tire pressure detection and new car factory one to one, can be directly connected to the car computer and displayed on the car screen. Designed to provide better and safer car electronics for professionals and individuals.

Why BigSaleTech

With over 15 years of experience in automotive electronics development and ISO standard system certified manufacturing, we have the full capability to help you bring innovative products to market. We can take your project from inception to delivery - or anywhere in between - helping you make the most of your life, and for your ideas we can help you fully develop a brand new product to deliver to you. Our customers trust our more than a decade of experience in the same projects. You can put your innovation in our hands with our technology and expertise.

Design Services

QianWu Tech As a full-service design provider focused on the practical needs of our clients, Drywood undertakes projects with increasingly complex custom services and design requirements to help our clients seize new opportunities and overcome difficulties. We provide automotive testing equipment and tire pressure monitoring equipment for all types of automotive brands and heavy duty trucks. We use advanced technology and techniques to provide the best user experience and value. Through standard processes, our customers enjoy the fastest time to market and leverage their innovations to achieve more.

All can become auto repair professionals

With one device you can get a better understanding of the working condition of every part of your car.

Clients we have worked with

Application Scenarios

Professional Auto Repair

Professional equipment can reduce the time needed for inspection, quickly locate the fault and repair it. Save the trouble of troubleshooting unidentifiable problems.

Personal inspection of car condition

When the car's fault indicator light is on, you can use the inspection equipment to detect the car's fault points and replace or repair them to reduce repair costs.

Transport heavy truck use

Transport trucks are generally long-distance transport, for safety can not be ignored, always know the operating conditions of the car is very important, early detection of problems early to solve the problem, to reduce the potential safety hazards.

What others have to say


Joshua Doe

It was a pleasure to work with

When our idea could not be realized on our own, we approached the current BigSaleTech to try to work on a new project and the result was unexpected, we received the product we wanted to see in just 3 months.

Danny. Jiao

Bereitstellung einer zuverlässigen Produktgarantie
Alle unsere Produkte werden zur Verwendung an professionelle Reparaturwerkstätten verkauft. Ihre Rückmeldung nach der Verwendung ist, dass sie sehr gut funktionieren. Von außen sieht es schlicht aus, aber die Funktionalität ist wirklich hervorragend.


Very pleasant to work with
We can see from the customer's face how practical the product is and how it solves their problems. It is so convenient that the car does not need to check the safety of the tyres so often for long runs.


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