What kind of safety experience can TPMS bring to our cars?

What kind of safety experience can TPMS bring to our cars?

We know that many cars are now equipped with TPMS tyre pressure sensors, which also provide a safer protection for the car driving, when the tyre pressure changes significantly, TPMS will provide us with an alarm, and can get out of the car to check the tyres or repair them as soon as possible, without causing the danger of tyre explosion.

In the past, cars were not equipped with TPMS monitoring, so how can we avoid the dangers of abnormal car tyres! Fortunately, TPMS is now available to monitor the pressure and temperature of each tyre. This provides a guarantee for our safety. Unlike the original TPMS, which is provided by the car's computer, when there is an abnormality, it is displayed on our instrumentation. When a tyre is not working properly, the display can directly show which tyre is the problem and can be checked or repaired.

For 4 wheels of the car is better to check, if it is a truck, wheels in 12-16 if the car comes with the TPMS will only tell you that the car tyres are abnormal, but will not directly tell you which tyre problem, need to check is also a very troublesome thing, and after the addition of the TPMS because only responsible for the car tyre data monitoring, can be more intuitive to show which tyre is the It can also give you accurate data on whether it is a temperature problem or a tyre pressure problem! It also gives accurate data, whether it is a temperature problem or a tyre pressure problem! This makes checking easier and more convenient.

And what is the difference between the tyre pressure check that comes with the original car and the TPMS that is added afterwards? The original tyre sensor is installed inside the tyre, when the battery needs to be replaced after 3 years of use, it is a very troublesome thing to open the tyre for replacement, or it is impossible to replace the battery, only the sensor can be replaced, which will also be a considerable expense, and after the replacement also needs to write the data to the car computer in order to make the sensor into working condition.
The purchased TPMS only requires the sensor to be installed in the air port to monitor the tyre pressure, and the battery can be replaced easily. Simply identify the position of each tyre in the cab. Installation and use is as easy as 123.

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